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Meet The Malvasia, an exclusive place in the midlands of the island of Tenerife. The best houses for rest on vacation. The base from which touring Tenerife and Canary.

Teide's National Park
The most visited National Park of Spain. The biggest and the oldest of the Canarian Park. Its landscape is one of the most spectacular geological monument where volcanic mountains and lava spreading take part of a fantastic picture of colours and shapes. You cannot forget its biological importance, the very high percentage of endemic vegetal especies and its numerous and exclusivity of invertebrated fauna.

Rural Park of Anaga
It is between the town of Santa Cruz and La Laguna. It has great ecological value for its geology and its extraordinaire biodiversidad natural que alberga. The macizo de Anaga, offers great landscape, lost beaches, spectacular cliffs and laurisilva forest, a treassure of the mediterranean vegetation, tipical of the prehistoric age before human beeing.

Rural Park of Teno
Situated in the town of Buenavista. It is one of the most beautiful places in Tenerife. Traditionally isolated due to difficult access. It has great ecological , landscapes and cultural values. The cultural values represent the traditional island arquitecture. You can find vast zones of Laurisilva and many animal species such as the fishing eagle the gigante lizard of Teno. These are endemic species found only 12 years ago.

National Park of Garajonay
A boat trip of 20 minutes from Los Cristianos port, will take us with our car to La Gomera Island, where Cristopher Columbus stayed before leaving to discover America. You can visit the Garajonay National Park. The Canarian Laurisilva, un ecosistema relicto del Terciario desaparecido del continente como due to climate changes del Cuaternario, encuentra refugio en la zona de nieblas de las islas Canarias. Garajonay is nowdays the best conserved proof of this ecosistema. It contains more than half of the young forest of Laurisilva in the Canarian Islands.

La Caldera de Taburiente
National Park

Also from Los Cristianos Port, although trips are not so often, we can visit the islands of La Palma and El Hierro, both declared World Reservas Mundiales de la Biosfera. In La Palma, The National Park of La Caldera de Taburiente, has an enormeus circus of 8 km diametre with caldera look, where multiple volcanic eruptions, great deslizamientos, the erosive force of the water and the time have given shape to its geomorfology, converting it in a sharp landscape with almost 2.000 m of level changes. The landscape of La Caldera de Taburiente is dominated by a circle of mountains of 8 km diameter with level changes of almost 2.000 mts. It contains a net of small rivers and spectacular torrentes of great erosive strength. A big variety of vegetal and animal species have developed here and this includes a great number of Canarian endemic species.

Tenerife counts with 8 golf resorts and one more in La Gomera island. The closest ones to La Malvasía, is the Amarilla Golf (18 Holes), Golf del Sur (18 holes), Golf Centre of Los Palos (9 holes) and Costa Adeje Golf (27 holes). All of them within a radio of less than 35 kms from the rural houses.
San Cristóbal de La Laguna
Antient Capital of the Canarian . One of the oldest University towns in Spain and sede episcopal. You can find in La Laguna some of the most arquitectonic and historical valuable buildings in the Canaries. San Cristóbal de La Laguna has a great importance due to its map conception. It is the arquetipo of the ciudad-territorio. It is the first sample of not fortificada town, conceved and constructed based in a map inspired for sailing, the cience in those days. Its space is organized according to a new pacific social order inspired in the religious doctrine of the milenio of the year 1500. The map of the town is read as an “estelar map” in which the reference correspond with particular reference of the city and the relations between these references and un todo. It has a simbolic meaning and it is interpreted like a sea map or a constalation map of that time. The 2nd of December 1999, the World Patrimonio Comitee, UNESCO) in a meeting in Marrakech (Marroco) made public the approval of the Human Patrimony title to the San Cristobal of La Laguna city.

La Orotava
Town of high historic value and very well conserved. It has numerous houses of the island ancient aristocracy. The Corpus Carpets are very famous, they are made of sand from El Teide and flowers. The valley of La Orotava inspired admiration comments in Humboldt and was the end of the Spanish Conquer in Tenerife.

Puerto de la Cruz
Within the Valley, you can find the Town of Puerto de La Cruz, touristic town of the Canaries and Main Land Spain. You can visit a very important Botanic Garden, El Loro Park, Pueblochico and the Martiánez lakes, which are public swimming pool designed by Cesar Manrique.

The town of Garachico and its port, was funded by the Genova bank man Cristobal de Ponte after the Conquer of Tenerife in 1496. During the XVI and XVII century, Garachico turned in to the principal port of the island. From Garachico, many boats filled with wine and sugar would head towards America and Europe. It was partially covered in volcanic lava by Trevejo volcan in 1706. Garachico has always taken great care of its enviroment and protected the most different cultural manifestaciones. For all this, Garachico has been awarded by the Spanish Goverment with the Gold Medal of Bellas Artes and was given by SM the King of Spain in 1980. The town can be considered a museum.

Noisy South
You may also feel like visiting the touristic towns of Los Cristianos and Las Americas for shopping, for its beachs, wale watching or to enjoy its night party atmosphere. This towns are situated half an hour by car from Las Malvasías.
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